Worlds Beyond Lair of the Venusian Worm (In Three Parts)

“As I’ve indicated before, we have a form of life that can survive within Mars’ atmosphere, Lichens how to clear a cloudy pool with baking soda , but I do believe there is more than that life form on Mars. I believe there are true spiders, when I say true, I mean 305-million old spiders that have survived the ages and times; I believe I have seen their corpses encased in rock, the name has been christened Idmonarachne brasieri, found here on earth, perhaps gathered from wind to our atmosphere, and taken by way of asteroids that have crashed on Mars, having eight spidery limbs, and an imposing jaw. Do they survive today, I believe so. I believe for the most part they live underground.

“Earth to Mars is between 93 to 76 million km, depending. I know you all are looking suspicious at me, my youth I suppose, I’m only twenty-four years old, but I will let you in on a little secret I’ve not told even my fellow comrades, who consider me a genus in this field, in the year 2073 A. D., I predict from my observations, empirical data, calculations Mars’ moon Phobos will shift and move in closer to Mars’ surface, it is close already, but it will get so close it will tear parts of Mars’ surface by tidal stresses, its debris will produce a dusty ring around the planet; also, the sun’s increasing luminosity will cause parts of the planet to move outwards, Mars then will become tidally locked with earth, and its expanding sun. In the process, Mercury, Venus and Mars along with Earth will be destroyed, unless there is a miracle, for Mars will be like an approaching baleful barbican, likened to Babel.

“And for those non-believers of my spider story, I have already traced its cell history from Earth to Mars by what now we have is a tape-recorded DNA tracer, it can trace the family history of every cell in any organism, and from rocks I’ve gathered from Mars from previous Mars data, and the fossils here on earth, the spider ascended from a single egg from Earth to Mars, and thus came the trillion complex cells of its body.”

Then suddenly someone called her “Asmodeus,” the old legendary demon of the Old Testament book, who killed seven of Sarah’s husbands. A troublemaker, by and large, for the nuclear family structure, who to this day haunts the world and humanity’s household; a specialist in family disorders, and is often exorcised and purged from individuals by trained priests in exorcisms.

(She was simply creating nonsense out of her head thought many of the listeners- chrysalides like… )

And so, her lecture was quite grim to her listeners, with a mysterious salient ending, and the students could hardly fail to provoke curiosity and sundry differences; arousing so much concern her colleges had to pull her off stage, some feeling she was filled with evil and malignant substance. Some of her listeners even accused her of being a warlock. The crowd was inimical seethed.

Throughout the day, and the following day, extravagant whisperings took place at the Louisiana Space Station, Dr. McGee examined her thesis, seeing Mars’ larger moon, Phobos (Greek name, meaning Fear) and Deimos the second moon (Greek name, meaning: dread) were in fact more of an asteroid shape, something he never took into consideration, and he noticed both were lowering their orbits more quickly than the naked eye had noticed, or for that matter, telescopes had documented. And yes, it could-either one or both moons-possible crash into Mars’ surface should they continue-as they were-to drift their orbit at their present speed closer to the mother planet, and thus, like a falling gargoyle from a cathedral, bombard or fragment upon the crashing into Mars, so Dr. McGee pondered, and concluded.

Lair of the Venusian Worm

((Mars to Venus) (Part II of III))

Astronauts Captain Greg Younger forty, commander of the spaceship Yig, Billy Colman thirty-eight chemical engineer, and Evolutionary Engineer, Professor Marge Johnson, PhD., age twenty-eight (with a background in protein and molecular biology working on an algorithm system for interstellar life, on uninhabitable planets), all three, astronauts on a five-year program, had readied themselves for humankind’s first trip to the second planet from the Sun, Venus, it was set for the summer of, 2040 A.D. They were all well aware Venus was the hottest of any planet-its surface-in the Solar System, at 896 F., hot enough to melt lead or zinc. They also knew of its heavy and dense atmosphere which entailed thick carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases along with sulphuric acid which is very toxic for humans. To include the pressure of the planet being 92-times that of earth, a crushing weight for a human. The Louisiana Space Station, had planned to either land its astronauts on the North side of the planet, Ishtar Terra a high point, or Aphrodite Terra, on the South side of the planet, another high point, realizing 80% of Venus was plateau country, and 20% rocky plains, they would prefer to stay within the rocky plains for their encounter, away from the more settling of the lower layer of the hotter surface. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acted like a blanket trapping heat from the sun, and was very strong over Venus’ surface; but the planet, like earth’s surface was made of rock, a terrestrial plant by and large and the mission was doable. Wherefore, they would transit from their spacecraft, onto the surface of Venus in a special made machinelike, robotic form metallic suit.

Contrary to all other planets, such as earth whose orbit is counterclockwise to the sun, Venus is just the opposite, and spins on its axis much slower than earth. And it is a planet without a moon. Unlike Pluto, which has five moons, or earth with its singular moon; consequently, Venus being the closest to earth than all the other planets, having no moon to shade the planet, most scientists and astronauts felt there was no life to be found on Venus, Professor Johnson felt otherwise, that there was a possibility of an evolutionary form of life, or at least a possibility. And so as their spacecraft slipped within Venus’ orbit, with its infrared, and ultraviolet cameras and radar, they found themselves just above Aphrodite Terra, on the Southside of the planet, having seemingly trapped less heat from the sun than its northern side at this particular moment, its temperature on the surface being 852 F, and Aphrodite Terra being under 500 F, and hence, this would be their chosen spot to descend.

Professor Marge Johnson had specifically made these spacesuits, with her own design, and they were working well. Her idea was the universe is hot and cold, the moon cold, Venus hot, as is Mercury. Hot does not contain fluid called caloric, but rather a substance in which atoms move more quickly, in clusters. Cold atoms or molecules move more slowly. Heat moves away from cold, even in metal, example a cold spoon in hot coffee. Or a Hot body to cold, put into the equation the nature of time now. When heat exchange occurs-negligible-the future is like the past. This can be reversed by the law of physics being infringed. Once heat occurs it changes the past. No friction equals no swing, movement goes backswords, friction produces a loss of energy, slows down. Like winding up a clock. The winding produces the heat, as does the person winding it. This phenomenon distinguishes future from the past.

The quicker moving atom (hot) collides with the cold atom, leaves some energy, this collision distributes its parts equalizing throughout the main item. In essence, a hot body can become hotter, through contact with a cold one, it is not improbable. At the roots of heat, nature is different, independent from quantum mechanics. Like a balloon, the suit is inflated, sealed, the molecules inside will slow the rapid molecules colliding with it, so says statistical physics and thermodynamics. Thus, for Dr. Johnson, she produced a suit that heat deflates when it enters the suit, like the balloon, the suit has reduced the set of properties entering it-changed them, in which interaction takes place within the change, it slows heat down, the body does not heat up, because there is not sufficient friction, plus it is being deflated.

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