Using Social Media Marketing in Bellingham, Washington to Connect With the Community

Social media marketing in Bellingham, Washington can be a powerful tool for business owners within this Northwest region of the state. Bellingham is a unique region consisting of 25 communities. Residents range from college students to retirees and include activists, outdoor enthusiasts, artists, photographers, and business owners.

Social media marketing in Bellingham, Washington provides endless opportunities for companies to not only connect with residents, but also tourists visiting the area. Bellingham has many tourist attractions including museums, parks, ski resorts, art galleries, theatres, farmer’s markets, and sporting events.

Bellingham is located in Whatcom County and is the 12th largest city in Washington State. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance deemed Bellingham one of the top retirement cities. It is renowned for its prominent institutes of education. This city also has strong ties to activism and is home to the longest running peace vigil in the United States.

Numerous colleges are located in Bellingham including Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College, Northwest Indian College, Charter College, and Bellingham Technical College.

College students are an ideal group for social marketing because they are techno-savvy. Students use laptops and cell phones for everything from thesis research to locating restaurants and weekly entertainment events.

Regardless of the type of business enterprise, Bellingham companies can use social media marketing to engage with people of all ages and interests. Whether offering discount coupons, tourist specials, or announcing current events social marketing is an effective and affordable way to share offerings to the masses.

Social marketing consists of many strategies including developing Facebook business pages, producing online videos, publishing informative articles, and providing company information via local listing directories.

Facebook business pages have become the ‘norm’ for many companies because they provide a venue that encourages social interaction. This is a great networking tool that allows Bellingham businesses the opportunity to reach their community, as well as individuals who are planning to visit the area.

Local listing directories have become a popular marketing venue because they allow companies to publish business location, phone number, hours of operation, and provide driving directions. Many directories allow companies to include special offers or discount coupons, as well as the option for customers to publish reviews about the business.

In addition to the major local search directories such as Google Places, Bing Map, and Yahoo Local, Bellingham business owners can capitalize on local directories such as and

One exciting aspect of social marketing in Bellingham is the opportunity to dominate niches online. The population of this region is around 100,000 residents so there is not as much competition as within Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland.

It can be advantageous to work with a social media marketing consultant to fully capitalize on available strategies. Professionals understand the unique needs of this region and can help Bellingham business owners determine which social marketing strategies will yield the highest return on investment.

Incorporating social media marketing within the Bellingham market requires careful planning and adequate manpower to develop, implement, and track campaigns. At minimum, business owners should consider enrolling in a social media marketing course to learn fundamentals and maximize results.

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