Some Thoughts About Quantum Physics!

At times you have a groundbreaking insight, a thought, or aha second, yet it’s not adequately gutsy to venture into a sensible length article or paper. Along these lines, here’s one more blend of considerations managing quantum material science and related, excessively great not to record, but rather with insufficient meat accessible to sort through. Individuals perusing this will ideally be fairly acquainted with the terms and language utilized. In the event that not, great that is the reason word references exist!

The Double-Slit Experiment

Obviously you have a profound knowledge of the conundrum with the Double-Slit Experiment. Let’s assume you quick fire real particles (for example – Carbon-60 Bucky-Balls*) as your ammunition. Assuming one cut is open, you get molecule conduct (true to form). Assuming two cuts are open, you get wave conduct (that is bizarre). In the event that Bucky-Ball particles are terminated at the two cuts each in turn (for example – one goes through the cuts before the following is 44-40 ammo terminated) you get wave conduct (that is insane). Presently acquire the spectator. Assuming an onlooker hopes to see what cut of the two cuts the each in turn Bucky-Ball molecule really goes through, at the time it goes through, you get molecule conduct (which goes against the past outcomes). In the event that a spectator hopes to see what cut of two cuts the Bucky-Ball particles go through AFTER the particles go through, you again get molecule conduct (going against the past outcomes). That is absolutely insane, since how could the Bucky-Ball particles change conduct from wave to molecule AFTER they have previously gone and gone through the cuts?

Assuming a molecule were at the center generally a wave, you ought to continuously get wave conduct in the Double-Slit Experiment and that is plainly not the situation. Something is peculiar some place! In the event that I were a quantum physicist, methinks I’d turn out to be a heavy drinker quantum physicist! It’s to the point of driving you to drink genuinely.

*Generally more officially known as Buckminsterfullerene.

More About the Double-Slit Experiment

Ok, the $64,000 question! One photon, or electron, or Bucky-Ball or whatever, that is confronted with an either/or decision while moving toward two next to each other cuts, shows a double character and goes through both in this manner bringing about an exemplary wave impedance design. That obviously is Twilight Zone physical science. Obviously in the event that Richard Feynman didn’t comprehend this, I don’t know I ought normal to either, however here goes a couple of potential outcomes.

The first is that maybe there may be spillage of photons, and so forth through miniature wormholes from equal universes to such an extent that while the experimenter thinks there is only one photon in the image, there really isn’t. Alright, disapproval.

The second occurs in the postponed twofold cut explore? Well clearly assuming one permits the single photon or electron or Bucky-Ball or anything that to go through the twofold cuts, however at that point pulls a quickly and eliminates the expansive screen identifier uncovering rather two locators that are lined up with every one of the two cuts, then, at that point, either finder will identify the photon, and so on every single time. At the end of the day, after the photon, and so forth went through the twofold cuts, it some way or another understood the gig was up and altered its perspective and subsequently went through only one of the two cuts. How could this be made sense of? Either the photon, and so on has mindfulness and a restricted measure of choice (panpsychism), or probably it time travels once more into the past to the beginning stage and thus goes through either cut. Beholding back to the standard twofold cut explore different avenues regarding a the two cuts open situation, the photon, and so forth goes through one cut, then backtracks (on schedule) and afterward goes through the other cut. You have quite recently gotten over into “The Twilight Zone”.

Thirdly, and likely the conventional clarification, is that at point of emanation and discovery the photon or electron or Bucky-Ball is a molecule, yet in the middle of its alpha and omega it is a wave. That is obviously except if there is just the single-cut choice open when the wave neglects to show itself which again suggests cognizance or mindfulness with respect to the photon, and so on. It knows ahead of time if one or the two cuts are open and shape-moves in like manner. IMHO that is likewise nuts.

Fourthly, it is every one of the a virtual experience. Be it Hollywood enhancements, or programming, the expected deception or conundrum can be effectively accomplished. I’ve gone on record as saying that the irregularities that are an integral part of quantum material science can best be made sense of by means of the Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe situation. No twofold cut analyze shows BOTH wave conduct AND molecule conduct simultaneously. One cut open and two cuts open are two separate trials. The previous shows molecule conduct; the later wave conduct. The inquiry is the way to make sense of the duality which appears to be confusing. Indeed, even Richard Feynman by his own confirmation couldn’t make sense of it. IMHO modified programming gets the job done rather perfectly!


Superposition-of-State and Collapse-of-the-Wave-Function

So presumably you accept, even with qualifiers, that Schrodinger’s Cat is both alive and dead simultaneously (despite how short that stretch may be) since it is caught with that radioactive core that has both rotted and not rotted simultaneously (notwithstanding how short that span may be).

Here is an illustration in like manner sense, or all the more officially rationale maybe – something can’t both be and not be simultaneously in a similar spot for anyway momentarily a period. To propose in any case is simply unadulterated obliviousness. Assuming you make the case running against the norm, show me the proof that superposition-of-state and the supposed (asserted and related) ‘breakdown’ of the wave-work is tentatively obvious. You can’t on the grounds that when you supposedly ‘breakdown’ the wave-work with your perception or estimation, how would you know the supposed wave-work wasn’t at that point ‘imploded’ when you looked or more to the point maybe truly had generally been in a ‘fell’ state on the sensible grounds that the wave-work can’t ‘fall’ since there was no superposition-of-state with a related wave-work that required ‘falling’ in any case. The ‘breakdown’ is unadulterated fiction.

Further, there’s no investigation that shows a superposition-of-express that something is all the while BOTH in this state AND in that state simultaneously and place. That is on the grounds that exploratory outcomes generally show that you end up with this state OR that state. Tests intended to identify particles track down particles; tests intended to recognize waves distinguish waves, regardless of whether the investigations are firmly related, similar to the Double-Slit analysis and minor departure from the topic.

So how would I make sense of wave-molecule duality? I make sense of duality through the recreation theory. Mimicking the atypical outcomes innate in the Double-Slit experiment(s) is no biggie to a product software engineer. I’ve reliably expressed that the best proof for the Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe dwells in quantum physical science.

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