Product Review – Panasonic EP3222 Shiatsu Massage Chair

We will focus on the EP-3222 massage chair lounger by Panasonic. The EP3222 is part of the Real Pro Elite series of massage chairs. This massage lounger is one 출장마사지 of the luxury models produced by Panasonic. It includes some advanced technology features such as a body scan to customize the massage for each individual user. We will take a look at some of these advanced features and functions. We will also touch on the warranty and provide you our insights into the EP-3222 massage chair recliner.

One of the long term concerns when purchasing a product such as a massage chair is the warranty coverage. The warranty is your long term protection from problems due to factory defects and workmanship. Although top brands such as Panasonic do a great job making these chairs, problems do occur. Make sure you get adequate warranty coverage on any massage chair you are thinking of getting.

The EP-3222 Real Pro Elite comes with warranty coverage from Panasonic. With this chair you get 3 years parts and 1 year labor on this chair. This coverage is below what other manufacturers give you. Most manufacturers provide in home technician service for at least 90 days and in some cases for up to 1 year. Panasonic does allow you to purchase an extended warranty at additional cost.

One of the advanced features of this massage recliner is the body scan technology. When you sit in the chair and start the program, the chair will perform a scan of your back. The chair actually maps your back and locates your individual acupressure points. It memorizes them and then prioritizes the most important. The data is then fed into the software program and the massage is customized for your body.

Another innovative feature of the EP3222 is the floating massage mechanism. The floating massage mechanism is patterned after the hand movements of a master masseuse. The floating mechanism consists of 2 to 4 firm rubber massage heads. These massage heads can very accurately simulate certain massage movements like pressing with the heal of the hand, stroking with the palm of the hand, thumb-like kneading and thumb-like pressure.

There is no shortage of massage techniques with this massage recliner. Panasonic equips this chair with 11 basic massage modes, 6 automatic programs and memory capability to store your favorite massages. Some of the more important massage techniques include Swedish, Kneading, Compression, Tapping, Shiatsu and Rolling. These massage techniques are effective to relieve aches, relax muscles, increase energy flow and increase blood flow.

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