Product Launch 101 – Developing Product Launch Indicators

Launching a new product into the marketplace is always a risky venture, and even the smallest misstep during the launch phase can sometimes doom a product to obscurity and failure. It would certainly be nice to think that you could launch every new product with the expectation that the public will immediately embrace it and ensure its success. That, however, is not the way the real world works. In the real word, there are a host of factors that need to be taken into consideration to provide a product its best opportunity to succeed. Developing a series of product launch indicators in advance of the actual launch will help you to measure how well your product is performing against your expectations.

Most customers are pretty much oblivious to the amount of risk that is associated with any product launch, accustomed as we are in this society to an ever-expanding range of choices in almost every area of our lives. But the fact is that every single new product launch is a roll of the dice for the company executing it. All of the market research in the world can still fail to deliver on the sort of insured success that any company would love to have. If you doubt this, go read about the history of New Coke.

Promotional activities play a crucial 레플리카사이트 role in the success of any new product, as one of the main reasons for product failure has to do with customer awareness of the product. In order for a product to be successful, the manufacturer must be meeting a present demand, or marketing in such a way as to create that demand. Obviously, a failure to promote a product properly will lead to a low demand for it due to a lack of awareness on the part of the buying public. Moreover, those promotional efforts cannot end with the product launch. Effective promotion is an ongoing process that is necessary to ensure not only that a new product launch succeeds, but that the product’s marketplace momentum continues long after the launch is completed.

One of the most common types of launches these days comes in the form of brand extension. This occurs when a new product is launched as an extension of an existing brand. It can be an effective strategy for a company whose business maintains a tight focus on meeting a selective market need, though in many cases the new product has little association with the old. Another effective strategy is product extension, which is merely the use of an existing product to introduce a new one, usually in the same product category as the company’s existing line.

Any attempt at developing product launch indicators to measure the progress a new product makes in the marketplace has to take all of these factors into consideration. By doing so, you will be able to establish legitimate benchmarks by which you can judge your new product’s effectiveness during each stage of its launch and beyond.

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