Google Snippets – How Does Google Choose the Typical Search Result Snippet?

Do you know how Google chooses the snippets of text that appear on their search engine results pages (SERPs) between the hyperlink and URL for each organic Buy Google Reviews listing? At first there might seem to be no rhyme or reason in how they select the search result snippet, but Google is very deliberate in their selection. Knowing how this block of text is chosen is very important to any webmaster or search engine optimization (SEO) professional.

Google has always put a lot of thought into how they present organic listings on a search engine results page. In fact, they are constantly testing subtle changes to how they present such listings. The hyperlink and URL displayed as part of each search result have seen very few changes over the years. But variations of Google search snippets are frequently being tested.

There are many specialized snippet formats used in the SERPs for very specific types of organic search listings such as those for books, news, and reviews. But these make up only a small percentage of the overall total. Most are what I would call “typical” search snippets and are the focus of the remainder of this document.

The main purpose of displaying a search snippet is to convey to the user what they can expect to find should they click on a particular link in the SERPs. Google also has an additional goal in mind when selecting a snippet. They would like to be able to highlight or bold all keywords from the search phrase within this block of text. This is the most important factor in how Google chooses snippets.

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